Knowledge base

Getting Started with Engagement Rx

If you're new to Engagement Rx, use the "Getting Started" guide to quickly and easily get your portal ready for use.

Managing Member Accounts & Understanding Member Experience

Learn how to add, search for, and manage member accounts; see the portal from the member view.

Integrating with Engagement Rx

Integrate with 3rd party services supported by Engagement Rx, and configure user authentication settings (including User Eligibility and SSO).

Engagement Rx Templates

Learn all about the templates, including descriptions and purposes, how to customize when necessary, and how to use them in automations.


View definitions for all report types and understand how to generate new reports.

The Challenge Feature

Learn how to publish challenge templates, how to customize them, and view details about specific challenge templates.

Admin Account Management

View definitions of admin roles, learn how to create and manage admin accounts, and get the most from the dashboard.

Managing Your Portals

Learn how to set up, customize, and manage your portals.

The Coaching System

View short training videos and learn how to use Engagement Rx to coach your clients.

Product Communication Center (Release Notes)

Check out the Engagement Rx Product Communication Center for all updates and releases!

Technical Issues

Assistance with technical issues you might experience on the Engagement Rx user portal.