Copying an Existing Portal for Your Company

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This article is about copying an existing portal in your company. Note that there are two ways to create a new portal:

  1. Using a portal template, which autoconfigures your new portal with standard settings in support of specific client objectives. You can see the article on portal templates here.
  2. Copy an existing portal in your company, which duplicates configurations and settings for a new portal.

Once you have created a portal for your company, you can create a copy of it. This function saves time for clients by removing the need to customize multiple portals that have the same or similar settings, features, and/or content.

The following settings will be automatically configured for the new, copied portal as they are configured in the original portal that is being copied:

  • In General Settings—default country, time zone, and language; selections for onboarding flow and care path. The portal name will be copied with (COPY) appearing beside it which you can edit (see below) and the member dashboard page is not be copied into the field if you have one set in the original portal.
  • In Branding—All configurations are copied.
  • In Communications—All configurations are copied.
  • In Features—All feature settings are copied.
  • In Fields—All configurations are copied.
  • In Groups—All groups are copied.
  • In Site—All configurations are copied except for White Label prefix, which needs to be unique (see below).
  • In Trackers—All trackers settings are copied including custom trackers.
  • The user authentication selection is copied. 
    • For portals using User Eligibility, all settings are copied, including the validation fields and custom messages, but the automated ftp feed info is not copied from the source portal if it exists.
    • In a SAML (SSO) portal, certificates and SAML configuration is copied over. The endpoints are unique per portal and will be automatically generated for the new, copied portal.
  • In Content—All settings are copied and custom versions are copied.

Copying a Portal

To copy a portal, go to the Settings section of the admin website, then enter the Portal Management module. Now click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the portal you want to copy. This may take a few minutes, but once the portal is successfully copied, it will appear on the portal management page as inactive:



Note that each portal must have two distinguishing, unique identifiers:

1. Portal name, which is initially made unique by adding (COPY) to the name of the copied portal. You can update the name by clicking on the new portal and updating the name on the General Settings page:



2. Brand name, which is made unique automatically with a randomly generated extension. To update the brand name, enter the portal and select "Site customizations" from the options under the SETTINGS menu on the left:



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