Course Details: Substance Use (LivingClear)

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Summary of the Substance Use (LivingClear) Course

Overcoming substance use disorder

LivingClear doesn’t involve willpower. There are no gimmicks or tricks of any sort. Truly living substance-free is a lifestyle and a clarity-of-mind that is everlasting. This is a science-driven program that addresses substance dependence where it was formed: in the brain.

LivingClear contains the following:

  • Key to success cards to introduce and reinforce a renewed ability to live substance-free.
  • Audios for meditation, relaxation, and emphasis on specific course concepts.
  • Assignments that help to bring the concepts of the course into practical, daily life.
  • Reading materials that summarize the most important lessons in the course.

Course Lessons

  1. Welcome to LivingClear
    Get started developing life skills, practicing “thought stopping,” and setting a wellness vision.  
  2. The Real Reason People Use Substances
    Understand the science of addiction so you can better understand your recovery. 
  3. Embracing the Experience of Breaking Free 
    Build on your understanding and learn to establish a growth mindset.  
  4. The Importance of Telling the Truth 
    Make better choices and recognize the importance of telling the truth in the recovery process. 
  5. Using Self-Talk to Achieve Your Goals 
    Create S.M.A.R.T. goals and understand the role of patience in the recovery process. 
  6. Mindfulness, Meditation, and Finding Your “Islands” 
    Learn techniques for staying centered and calm, no matter what is happening around you.
  7. Building Strong Support Systems
    Learn what “self-care” really means and why it is important.  
  8. Acceptance and Observance 
    Learn more tips that will help you maintain your recovery and how to stay motivated to achieve your goals.
  9. Avoiding the “Relapse Drift”
    Create “anchors” to sobriety and get tools to help prevent relapse. 

Key to Success Cards

  • Key to Success Card #1—Use this card if you experience urges to use. 
  • Key to Success Card #2—Use this card to acknowledge the triggers that cause an urge to use.  
  • Key to Success Card #3—Read this card to remind yourself of the truth and to train your mind. 
  • Key to Success Card #4—Use this card until you develop the self-image of an ex-user. 
  • Key to Success Card #5—Read this card to remind you of your continued commitment to living sober and substance-free whenever you are challenged by your old way of thinking. 

Support Audios

  • Training vs. Learning—This audio is a short reminder of the true purpose of this program and the importance of seeing it as a training process.
  • Weekend Visualization—This visualization will walk you through the moments that trigger you 
  • and allow you to “see” yourself navigating successfully through them.
  • Acknowledge the Benefits—This audio will help you recall the great gifts of living clear. 
  • Choice and Self-Talk—This audio is about talking to yourself in ways that empower you. 
  • Mindful Meditation—This is a guided meditation. 
  • Visual Declaring—This visualization helps to build positive self-talk and confidence. 
  • Keys to the Future—This audio is about sustaining success in the future.
  • Completion: A New Beginning—This audio reveals the truth about completion. 

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