Course Details: Stress (LivingEasy)

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Summary of the Stress (LivingEasy) Course

Create calm, build resilience

LivingEasy is about changing the responses to stressful situations and taking control back. LivingEasy is a state of mind and once you it's attained, it produces a sense of calm that is unshakable. This is the science-driven course that addresses stress where it's created: in the brain.

LivingEasy contains the following:

  • Key to success cards that enable the participant to choose a new response to old stressors; this brings a sense of empowerment and fosters deep resiliency. 
  • Reading materials that summarize the most important lessons in the course.
  • Assignments that create an unshakable resiliency in the participant.

Course Lessons

  1. Time to Steady the Ship
    LivingEasy doesn’t keep the storms from coming but shows you how to remain calm and confident when they do. 
  2. You are Shielded
    We all have natural protectors in life. Learning how to utilize and care for them is key. 
  3. There are Two Main Ways We Cope in Life 
    When we rely too much on one natural protector, we tend to become stuck. 
  4. We Spent More Time "Above the Line" as Children
    So how do we recapture that mindset while still taking responsibility in life?
  5. Are You Ready for Your Close-Up? 
    Have a seat and begin filming the movie of your life as you want it to be, scene by scene. 
  6. Two Questions 
    Ask yourself these questions whenever a new stress-producer pops up. 
  7. It's Time to Get Off Auto-Pilot 
    Past beliefs create knee-jerk, automatic reactions to situations in the present.
  8. Being Connected 
    Embrace the eight characteristics of being a Self-Leader to connect with yourself and others.  

Key to Success Cards

  • Key to Success Card #1—Use this card to become aware of your stressors in life, to become mindful and conscious of the way you think and feel when you are stressed. 
  • Key to Success Card #2—Read the card whenever you feel stress to acknowledge how you want to cope with it.
  • Key to Success Card #3—Use this card to acknowledge when you're upset, why you're upset, what your below-the-line response was, and how you are avoiding taking responsibility.
  • Key to Success Card #4—Use this card to help you take responsibility which will give you power.
  • Key to Success Card #5—Read this card to remind you of your continued commitment to living sober and substance-free whenever you are challenged by your old way of thinking.
  • Key to Living Easy Card—Use this card whenever you are experiencing something stressful and you would like to squash it.

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