Course Details: Stress Management for Healthcare Workers

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Summary of the Stress Management for Healthcare Workers Course

This course addresses the unique emotional and psychological challenges that healthcare employees face at work and home. 

Course Lessons

  1. The Brain and Stress: What is the Connection?  
    What stress is, why it’s important to manage workplace stress, and the role the brain plays in managing stress? We also identify personal healthcare stressors and habitual responses to triggers. 
  2. Creating New Outcomes for Old Stressors
    How lifestyle plays a role in stress management, including subconscious responses to stress, and how to create the outcome they want as it relates to their stressors. 
  3. Finding the Best Coping Techniques for Stress
    Learn the difference between emotion- and problem-focused coping techniques, plus the two ways they can effectively respond to stress in-the-moment. 
  4. Our Beliefs, Stress, and a Simple Process
    Discover the meaning of “responsibility” and identify the disempowering thought patterns that continue recurring stressful situations.
  5. Connecting with Ourselves and the World Around Us
    Explore the value of connections, especially in within the healthcare occupation, and learn the tell-tale signs that help is needed. 

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