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Summary of the Fitness (LivingFit) Course

Learn to love fitness

LivingFit doesn't involve willpower. There's no tricks or gimmicks of any sort. Truly living fit is a lifestyle and a state of mind: welcome to the science-driven course that addresses the mental and emotional facets of exercise and creates an internal motivation that will last forever. 

The LivingFit course contains one short video per weekly session, each of which focuses on the experience of learning to love to exercise safely. There are simple but critical assignments for each session and an activity log in which users will track their walking minutes.

LivingFit contains the following:

  • Key to success cards to introduce and reinforce a renewed ability to choose to exercise.
  • Reading materials that summarize the most important lessons in the course.
  • Assignments that create a new mindset in regards to exercise

Course Lessons

  1. The Fundamentals 
    Preparing for success: Put a smile on; this is going to be fun.  
  2. Building the Walking Habit 
    Day by day, step by step, you are creating a healthy new way of life.
  3. Choose Your Big Rocks 
    And then the pebbles...You'll understand after the session.  
  4. Liftoff!
    Motivation is the rocket fuel that will lead you to the achievement of your fitness goals.  
  5. Do You Hear Yourself?  
    We talk to ourselves all the time, but most of us don't understand the power of the words we say and the way they make us feel. 
  6. Moving into Wellness – Part 1
    Can you feel that? It's your body reverse-aging as you keep exercising consistently. You are getting younger. Keep it up. 
  7. Moving into Wellness – Part 2 
    Acknowledge yourself for the progress you've made. Yes, you! Acknowledgment is an important part of future success. 
  8. Nurture Your Sense of Possibility
    Right now, you are in a place we call "the gap." This is a place of tremendous potential.
  9. See with New Eyes 
    Who is that? It's you, but a wiser you who is changing for the better. Let's make sure it's a permanent change. 
  10. Make Yourself a Promise  
    And watch as the universe moves around you. There is freedom in commitment. 
  11. The Master Game  
    Move with a sense of purpose.
  12. Completion as Beginning  
    Get excited about where you are headed!  

Key to Success Cards

  • The Habit-Builder Card—This card can help you create new habits around fitness and in any area of life. 
  • The “Vision” Card—Use this card to help you focus on your vision for living fit. 
  • “Take a Stand” Card—Use this card to remain committed to your health for the long haul. 

Support Audios

  • Let’s Get Moving—This audio discusses some of the benefits of regularly walking, and gives you some tips to get started.  
  • Vision and Commitment—This audio discusses the value of commitment and how it relates to vision. 
  • The Big Rocks—This audio discusses how making a change in perspective can help you reprioritize.  
  • Creating Positive Motivation—This audio discusses different types of motivation, and which type is the most powerful. 
  • The IGMHS Syndrome—This audio explains why there is nothing you have to do and how to use the power of choice to change your life. 
  • Celebration and Self-Acknowledgement—This audio discusses why celebrating one's successes is so important.  
  • The Importance of Movement—This audio explains why regular movement is so important. 
  • In the Gap—This audio explains how and why your body and mind are changing as you head towards a life of better fitness. 
  • Designing Your Future—This audio is about the way we think and the profound impact our self-talk has on our lives.  
  • Taking a Stand—This audio will help you make sure you're standing up for what you really want. 
  • A Paradigm Shift—This audio is about the profound difference between doing something 99% and doing something 100%.  
  • What’s Next?—This audio is about the opportunity presented in completion.

Additional Reading

  • Walking Guidelines—This guide explains the frequency, pace, and duration that newcomers to routine-walking regimens can use to get stronger, safely.  
  • 8 Reasons to Walk—A list of the eight main benefits of walking that cover all aspects of health (physical, mental, psychological, and emotional).

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