What Are the Event Types?

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This article explains the different event types logged in the Engagement Rx system as they relate to member activity within a course. These events can be viewed by admin users with the Reports role.

There are four event types:

  1. Course Started
  2. Core Sessions Completed
  3. Course Completed 
  4. Course Restarted

Course Started

This event is when a member begins a course; this event is not logged until the member has clicked the "Start Now" button. 

Core Sessions Completed

All longer-form behavioral training courses have two types of sessions: core sessions and support sessions. This event is the completion of a session categorized as a core session.  

Core sessions:

  • introduce the member to the course,
  • prepare the member for their change in lifestyle,
  • begin the process of retraining the brain, and
  • guide the member through completion of the "breakthrough day," the session in which the member begins practicing their new, healthier lifestyle.

Session types, by course:


Core Sessions

Support Sessions

LivingLeanIntro, Orientation, Sessions 1, 2, 3    Sessions 4-12
LivingFreeIntro, Orientation, Sessions 1, 2, 3Sessions 4-10
LivingSmartIntro, Orientation, Sessions 1, 2, 3Sessions 4-10
LivingEasySessions 1-6Sessions 7 & 8
LivingWellSessions 1-6Sessions 7, 8, 9
LivingFitSessions 1-6Sessions, 7-12
LivingWellRested       Sessions 1-5Sessions 6, 7, & 8
LivingClearSessions 1, 2, 3Sessions 4-9


Course Completed

This event is when a member officially completes a course. Completing a course means that the member has finished the last segment of the last session, which is a "congratulations" message. After completing a course, members will receive email instruction on downloading their completion certificate.

*LivingFit (exercise course) is completed when a member has finished 9 weeks of the possible 12 weeks. Members are given a buffer in the LivingFit course, meaning they can miss up to 3 weeks of the course, although only 2 weeks can be missed consecutively. If a member does not miss any weeks of the course, they will complete LivingFit after they take session 9. 

Course Restarted

This event is recorded when a member who has previously started a course chooses to restart it. Members usually restart a course for one of two reasons:

  1. They started the course and went too long without being active and cannot continue without restarting.
  2. They have decided to repeat the course, perhaps to increase understanding of important concepts or to refresh their commitment to their lifestyle change.




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