How Do I Use the Tables in Reports?

Modified on Mon, May 20 at 11:08 AM

This page explains how to view and organize the tables in the Reports section of the admin website. 

Each of the reports modules were developed to give you a particular set of data and all of them present data using tables (and sometimes graphs). There is functionality to the tables that can help you sort and organize the information in a report. This functionality allows you to customize how you see the data that you care about most. 

Note: Some tables extend past the screen's width to the right. Use the slide-bar beneath the table to view the rest of the table. 

Organizing Columns Using Column Headers

When scrolling over the column headers in a table, you will see a hamburger (three-line) menu appear. 


You can drag and drop the column into whatever place you'd like (simply click and hold, and drag the column to the placement you want, then release), or you can click on the menu and the organization-options appear as a drop-down:


The options in the column menu vary slightly with different tables. Here is a list of all possible options:

  1. Pin Column (stick any column to the far left or far right of the table so that it stays there when scrolling through the rest of the columns)
  2. Autosize This Column
  3. Autosize All Columns
  4. Reset Columns (resets all columns into their default settings)

Using the Filter Option

There is another icon next to the menu icon that represents the filter option. When you click it, the list of columns appears with check-boxes next to each one:


When the check-boxes are filled, it means that the columns appear in the table. Clicking on a column will empty the check-box and the column will not appear on the table. In the example below, Event Date will no longer appear in the table:



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