Challenge Template: 28 Days of Mindfulness

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This article is about the Mindfulness Challenge template that is available in the Engagement Rx System when the company has Challenges enabled for their portals.

The 28 Days of Mindfulness Challenge contains various tasks related to cultivating a state of being that is calmer, more aware, and more at peace.

  • Duration of Challenge: 4 phases/4 weeks 

  • Participation Type: Individual

Purpose of the Mindfulness Challenge

Through various content types and actionable instruction—including articles, deep-breathing and meditation audios and videos, and to-do’s—this challenge gives the user an understanding of what mindfulness is, how it can improve mental and physical health, and they’ll learn tips and techniques to practice mindfulness on a regular basis.

Benefits of Completing the Mindfulness Challenge

A user who completes this challenge will learn about the tremendous benefits of taking time throughout the day to appreciate the simple gifts of appreciating the moment. The user will learn different techniques to practice mindfulness and they’ll be guided through deep breathing and meditation exercises. By the end of the Challenge, the user will already be benefiting from a greater sense of mindfulness with all they need to continue into the future.

Outline of the Mindfulness Challenge Phases

Phase 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

Theme: What is mindfulness and why is it important? Learn why those small moments matter and work towards incorporating them into your day through a variety of activities.


  • Track your mindful moments at least five times for the week: 200 tokens

  • Watch the video “The 7 Pillars of Mindfulness”: 120 tokens

  • Read the article “Finding Peace in Everyday Moments”: 120 tokens


  • Think of one thing you do automatically every day—like brushing your teeth—and CHOOSE to be mindful in this situation: be present and consciously notice anything you observe in the moment.

Phase 2: Mindful Breath—Creating Moments of Calm

Theme: Pay attention to your breath this week and, through conscious breathwork, bring moments of peace and happiness into your day.


  • Track your mindful moments at least five times for the week: 200 tokens

  • Read the article “The Science Behind Mindfulness, Breathing, and Stress”: 120 tokens

  • Listen to the audio “Deep Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness”: 120 tokens


  • Read the article “Daily Breathing Exercises”: 20 tokens

  • Take a moment and pay attention to how you are breathing; try a breathing technique to either bring a moment of calm or introduce some energy into your body: 20 tokens

Phase 3: Meditation and Relaxing the Mind

Theme: Make time this week to understand how you can practice mindfulness, meditation, or both!


  • Track your mindful moments at least five times for the week: 200 tokens

  • Watch the video “Beach Meditation”: 120 tokens


  • Listen to the audio “Mindful Meditation”: 20 tokens

  • Read the article “Tips for Practicing Mindful Meditation”: 20 tokens

Phase 4: Noticing Changes and Building on Your Practice

Theme: You now have a toolkit of resources to help guide you through mindfulness-based practices. Explore what it is like to mix these different techniques throughout your day and week.


  • Track your mindful moments at least five times for the week: 200 tokens

  • Complete the flow “The Mindfulness Challenge Scenario”: 120 tokens


  • Select 3 techniques this week and make the time to practice them: 260 tokens

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