How to Customize the Reschedule Missed Coaching Session Template

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This article is about setting up the "Reschedule Missed Coaching Session" template for members who have recently missed a coaching session. This template is designed to get your member to reschedule a session after they have missed one that was previously set up. The only thing you need to do to prepare this template for use in a portal is enter your scheduling link.

The flow manager can be accessed by admins with the portal manager role.

First, go to the Flow Manager page for your portal (if you aren't sure how to get there, see this article). The table you see here lists all the flows available for the portal. In this table, you should see the Reschedule Missed Coaching Session template. You can search for the flow using the search box above the table. 

Select the 3 vertical dots on the left side of the template's row and click “Clone” from the options.




The template flow will open on your screen, enabling you to view and customize the various components that make up the flow.

The first thing to do is to click into the "Start of Flow" tile (this is the first tile in the flow) and change the title. Right now, the title is "Book Follow-Up Coaching Session (template) (copy)." Erase (template) and (copy) from the title and leaving the rest. This will make the title of the flow "Book Follow-Up Coaching Session."

After setting the title, switch the two toggles above and below the title field to the green, "on" position, which will enable you to use this flow with portal members in automations and to-do's. After doing this, hit the save button.




Editing the Scheduling Component

When you click into an individual component block, you will see that the settings, configurations, and associated content opens on the left for you to edit. For this template flow, the only edit you need to make is for the Scheduling component. 

After clicking into the scheduling component, you can enter your YouCanBook.Me link for the coaching session in the editor field that opens on the left side of the page. On the Booking Page Link field, add your booking link. 




Make sure you save your changes to the flow template, then you can go back to the main flow manager page. Just to make sure, find the flow in the table and check the setting:




Now, this flow is enabled for use in the portal. You can use this flow in an automation and in assigning a "to-do" to a member!



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