Setting a Template as a To-Do

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This article is about setting a template flow as a to-do for a member. When you assign a member a template as a to-do, they will see it in their portal homepage when they log in, so it's a great way to make sure they complete it.

Before you can send the member a to-do to complete a flow, you need to customize the template flow for the portal the member belongs to. To see instructions on how to do this, see one of the following articles, depending on which template flow you want to use:

*Note: If you've already set up automations for the portal that are triggered by an event other than "Manual," then the member will already be set to receive the automation when they trigger it. For example, if you have set up an automation for a missed coach session, then it is automatically triggered when the member misses a coaching session.

Assigning a Template Flow as a Member's To-Do

When you set a to-do for a member, it will appear on their portal homepage in their to-do section. The first thing to do is to locate the member in the admin website.

Step 1: Enter the Members Section in the Admin Website

Once you are logged into the admin website, select the “Members” section from the main navigation bar near the top of the page:



Step 2: Select the Filter Settings for Finding the Member

Select the portal that the member is in (and then you can select the group if the portal contains multiple groups).



Step 3: Locate the Member’s Account

Enter the information that will identify the member’s account (this could be any of the filter options, like name or email address), then click search. The member should appear in the search results. Click on the member’s row to go to the account dashboard.



Step 4: Go to the “To-Do” Section

Select “To-Do” from the navigational bar at the top of the dashboard; this will take you to where you can assign the to-do to the member.



Step 5: Create the New To-Do

Click the “CREATE NEW TO-DO” button and see the pop-up box appear. Here you can choose the To-Do to assign to the member. We're going to assign this member a coaching session feedback survey because he's recently completed his first coaching session, but this process applies to any of the flows you want to assign. Follow the instructions below to finish setting the to-do:



  1. Click in the “Type” field and choose “Flow.”
  2. Scroll through the Resource field and find the flow you want to assign, then click it.
  3. Choose the date and time that you want the member to complete the to-do by (once you assign the to-do, it is delivered to them immediately).
  4. Click the "CREATE TO-DO" button.

And that's it!

The member will now receive their to-do, which in the case above, is a coaching feedback survey flow with a requested due date of 1/20/23 at 8 am.

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