The Member Details Tile

Modified on Fri, 17 May 2024 at 09:25 AM

The member details tile presents all information related to the member's account in two separate categories. Note that certain data only presents for admins with special permissions (PII related data, including any information that individually identifies the member).

Once you are on the members dashboard, you can see the menu option for "Member Details" (you must enter this page to view the Registration Info section). To the right, you can see the "Member Details" column in a collapsed view:


details tile.jpg



Identifying Each Field

detail 2.jpg


The Account Info section contains editable data related to the member, including first and last name, email address, phone number, language, time zone, birthday, gender, portal group, and homepage (for clients with the Page Builder enabled, you can assign any page in the portal as the member's homepage). To edit a field, hover over the existing entry and click, then update the information and select the checkmark. 

The Misc Info section contains the name of the Contact Lead (if one is assigned to the member) and the portal labels (custom fields); these are editable fields. When the Contact Lead field is selected to edit, the list contains all admins assigned the coach role who have access to the member's portal (for the Contact Lead field); selecting an admin from the list will assign them as the contact lead for the member. In the example image above, you can see the custom fields are Physician, State, and Conditions.

Registration Info

To view the registration info for the account, click on the Member Details option in the horizontal menu on the dashboard if you haven't done so already. Here you can view the registration info beneath the account and misc sections:


registration info.jpg




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