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Summary of the Sleep (LivingWellRested) Course

Rest and perform better

When someone experiences insomnia, they know they're going to have trouble sleeping—they can sense it and it's expected. And that’s part of the problem. For most people, insomnia is a self-fueling condition. The good news is that it is fixable when you begin creating healthy sleep behaviors and setting new expectations. 

LivingWellRested contains the following:

  • Key to success cards that help the participant change the most sleep-disruptive behaviors and thoughts that have fueled their insomnia.
  • Reading materials that summarize the most important lessons in the course.
  • Assignments that allow the participant to retrain the aspects of the brain and body that have contributed to their insomnia.
  • Daily support audios (the Daily Zs) that cover specific topics related to sleep.

Course Lessons

  1. Why Can't I Sleep?!
    Insomnia can be a tricky animal until you understand the roots causes and find out where sleep troubles originate.  
  2. Let's Make a Plan  
    It's time to make a plan and escape the maze of insomnia.
  3. Take Back Control  
    Insomnia thrives in subconscious thoughts. We're going to bring those thoughts to light and change them.  
  4. Do You Mind? 
    It's called mindfulness, and it puts insomnia to bed. 
  5. Time to Take a Leap  
    Find out why some people seem to have "all the luck."  
  6. Don't Worry...Seriously, Stop Worrying
    Anxiety and insomnia are peas in a pod. Separating them causes them to wither and die—and your life gets better. 
  7. Food and Sleep
    They’re related, and the Doc knows more about it than just about anyone.  
  8. Graduation!  
    A final master quiz to test sleep knowledge. 

Key to Success Cards

  • Key to Success Card #1—Use this card every 2 hours, or whenever you have a thought about sleeping in or going to bed early. 
  • Key to Success Card #2—Use this card to help you acknowledge your power to choose. 
  • Key to Success Card #3—Use this card to continue the process of rewiring your brain regarding your unwanted habits. 
  • Key to Success Card #4—Use this card to when you have the urge to take any action that drives insomnia. 

Support Audios

  • Lou’s Visualization—Use this visualization to train your brain to see your bed as an invitation to a night of restful sleep. 
  • Vivian’s Visualization—Use this audio often before you go to bed until you're sleeping through the night. 
  • “Quiet the Mind” Visualization—Use this audio to create a mental state of peace and calmness. 
  • “The Wave” Visualization—Listen to this audio to help you relax. 
  • Anti-Anxiety Exercise—Use this audio to help you eliminate any pre-bedtime worrying. 

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