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Summary of the Tobacco (LivingFree) Course

Quit smoking for good

LivingFree doesn't involve willpower. There's no gum, patches, or tricks of any sort. Truly living free is a lifestyle, a state of mind, and it's everlasting. This is the science-driven course that addresses the smoking habit where it was formed: in 

the brain. 

LivingFree contains the following:

  • Personalized coaching feedback based on short surveys starting at session 4.
  • Key to success cards to introduce and reinforce a renewed ability to choose a smoke-free lifestyle and all the benefits that go with it. 
  • Support audios that emphasize specific concepts and use visualization techniques that help to retrain the brain and break free from the smoker's addictive mindset.
  • Reading materials that summarize the most important lessons in the course.
  • Assignments that integrate the tobacco-free lifestyle into the participant's life.

Course Lessons

  1. Introduction – A Whole New Way
    You’ve never tried to quit smoking this way before. 
  2. Orientation – What is the Real Choice?
    Make choices about tobacco in a way that empowers you.   
  3. Do You Hear Yourself?
    Understand the power of the words you say and the way they make you feel.
  4. The ONE Reason You Smoke
    Get ready for an a-ha moment as you finally realize the one reason you still smoke.
  5. Prepare for Your Breakthrough
    Get excited! Today is the day you move from smoker to ex-smoker.  
  6. Tell. The. Truth.
    Get real about the “agony” of withdrawal and put misconceptions to rest. 
  7. Being the Boss
    Learn how to show tobacco who is really in charge.
  8. There’s Only One Place You Have Control  
    Discover the only place you ever need to be.
  9. Celebrate Your Success 
    Celebrate the beginning of a new chapter! You have done the work to retrain your mind and begin healing your body. 
  10. The Difference Between 99% and 100%
    Learn about mastery and how to achieve it.
  11. A Future Full of Possibility
    Envision how far you can go on the path to naturally living free of tobacco.
  12. Commitment Takes Character
    Realize you’ve got what it takes to reinvent your future.

Key to Success Cards

  • Key to Success Card #1—Read the card whenever you have a desire to smoke to acknowledge your thoughts of cigarettes. 
  • Key to Success Card #2—Read this card before you smoke, and each time you desire a cigarette to practice acknowledging thoughts of cigarettes and to practice making clear choices,  do not try to quit yet. 
  • Key to Success Card #3—Read this card before each cigarette to practice acknowledging that you have a choice and to acknowledge what the truth is (as to why you're smoking). 
  • Ex-Smoker’s Creed Card—Read this card to remind yourself of the truth and to train your mind. Choose temporary discomfort each time you think of having a cigarette. 
  • Ex-Smoker’s Creed Card #2—This card will help you tell the truth when you're thinking of cigarettes, and help you develop the self-image of an ex-smoker. 
  • Ex-Smoker’s Creed: Substitution—Read this card to remind you that substituting is the same as smoking, read the card to help you choose the temporary discomfort. 
  • Final Creed—After you throw away your cigarettes, use this card when you have a thought about cigarettes. 
  • Ex-Smoker’s Creed & Real Choice—Use this card to remind yourself of the real choice: choosing to accept discomfort is choosing to grow and be free!

Support Audios

  • Review Audio 1—There are 6 criteria for success in this program, and this audio explains each one. 
  • Snuff Line 1—This audio will prepare you for what's to come in the next couple of days as your body heals and your mind trains. 
  • Training vs. Learning—This audio is a short reminder of the true purpose of this program and the importance of seeing it as a training process. 
  • Review Audio 2—This audio is a visualization exercise designed to help train your brain and calm any feelings of stress or anxiety you might be feeling.
  • Snuff Line 2—This audio will help you see the urges for what they are. It will also help you deal with some of the most common feelings people have during this part of the program. 
  • Nose Your Way to Success—Have you missed your cigarettes? Have you noticed any benefits so far? This audio will help you keep things in perspective and tell the truth, and soon you'll be completely free of tobacco. 
  • Keys to the Future—This audio sets the stage for the future and offers a plan on how to live free, dream big, and be a "possibility-thinker" for the rest of your life. 
  • Snuff Line 3—This audio examines the extremely important difference between tolerating something and choosing it. 
  • Being the Boss—There is a power in taking control of your thoughts and accepting responsibility. 
  • Winning—Practice and preparation...Those are two of the main keys to finishing the program successfully and naturally living free for the rest of your life. 
  • Visual Declaring—This audio is a visualization exercise that has the power to change the subconscious false beliefs you have and expand your comfort zone so you can live smoke-free naturally. 
  • Living Free—This audio will tell you how to approach the rest of this program. 
  • Weekend Visualization—This is a visualization specifically designed to help you remain powerfully in control of your ability to choose in the more difficult times, like the weekend. 
  • Substitution—Listen to this audio and learn the simple secret that lies in true accomplishment. 
  • Confidence—Over-confidence can be a trap. Listen to this audio and avoid a common pitfall. 
  • Completion—This audio shows you the true nature of completion and what it means going forward.

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