Course Details: Self-Talk, Conscious Choice, and Mindfulness

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Summary of the Course

In this CBT-based training, participants will gain awareness of the subconscious thought patterns—and the triggers—that create an emotional response and a compulsion to engage in a specific, unwanted behavior.

Course Lessons

  1. Awareness and Acknowledgement
    Thought patterns can become habit; when we become aware of habitual thought patterns, we create the space we need to change them. 
  2. What is Mindfulness?
    Taking a moment to step out of the hustle of daily life can provide clarity and awareness, and the chance to create new, healthier routines.  
  3. IGMHS Self-Talk
    There is one very common type of self-talk that creates feelings of resentment and resistance when someone is trying to stop a habitual or addictive behavior.  
  4. The Desert Island Syndrome
    Desert Island thinking and knowing you always (or almost always) have a choice. 
  5. Interrupting the Automatic Chain Reaction
    Habitual behaviors are set into motion by a trigger, but if we pause the process, we have the opportunity to break the chain. 
  6. The Importance of Repetition
    It takes repetition to create a habit, and it takes repetition to change an unwanted habit.  

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