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Summary of the Diabetes (LivingWell) Course

Manage your condition

LivingWell addresses diabetes from the inside out, from the thoughts someone with diabetes has to the actions they take (or do not take). By the end of the course, the user will see diabetes not as an enemy, but as a guide to living the healthiest life possible. LivingWell is science-based and it will redefine what diabetes really is and what managing it means in practical life. 

LivingWell contains the following:

  • Key to success cards to introduce and reinforce a renewed ability to choose an empowered and optimistic response to diabetes management.
  • Reading materials that summarize the most important lessons in the course.
  • 83 daily educational articles.
  • A self-care checklist.
  • Assignments that create a new mindset in regards to diabetes management.

Course Lessons

  1. A Change of Perspective
    Building the foundation for a better relationship with diabetes starts with a new outlook.  
  2. Bend
    Sometimes life can get rough, but that’s no excuse to break.  
  3. What is your focus?
    You are steering yourself toward an outcome, whether you know it or not. Find out how to head in the right direction. 
  4. There Are Two Main Ways We Cope in Life
    When we rely on one of them too much, we tend to become stuck. 
  5. “All or Nothing” 
    And other faulty ways of thinking that can trip you up and send you into an emotional tailspin. 
  6. Are You Ready for Your Close-Up? 
    Begin filming the movie of your life as you want it to be, scene by scene.  
  7. There’s More than One Way to Look at Everything 
    How you choose to see things in life is up to you.  
  8. It’s Time to Get Off of Autopilot 
    There are three sources of beliefs from the past that create knee-jerk reactions to situations in the present. 
  9. What Does it Mean to be a Self-Leader? 
    There are eight characteristics. The more you practice them, the more you’ll connect with yourself and others. 

Key to Success Cards

  • Key to Success Card #1—Use this card to help you become mindful of your feelings of upset and the triggers that lead to them. 
  • Key to Success Card #2—Use this card to acknowledge the way you feel when you are upset or stressed, and the way you want to cope with the situation. 
  • Key to Success Card #3—Use this card to help you acknowledge how you are responding to things in ways that are putting you below the line. 
  • Key to Success Card #4—Use this card when you’re in the moment of your stressor situations. 
  • Key to Success Card #5—Use this card for any stressful situations in life, it will help to transform your experience into a positive one. 
  • Key to Success Workcard—Use this card is to remind you of the principles of the course in relation to diabetes related situations you'd like to resolve. 
  • Key to Success Workcard #2—Use this card to help you interpret trigger situations in ways that bring you power. 
  • The Habit-Builder Card—Use this card to create any healthy habit you want.

"Daily D" Articles

83 articles, sent out daily, that cover all aspects of successful diabetes management.

Additional Reading

Diabetes Guidelines—A basic reminder checklist with daily diabetes self-care tips.

15 Reasons to Move Your Body—The positive impact of physical activity on diabetes management.

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