Adding/Modifying a Member

Modified on Mon, 12 Feb 2024 at 09:47 AM

The ability to add new members and modify existing accounts is for admin users who are assigned the View and/or Manage Members roles.

Note: Adding members using the "Add Member" function in the customer service section cannot be done for portals assigned with the authentication types of Subscriber Validation (AKA, user eligibility files) and SSO. For portals using Subscriber Validation, members must be added by adding them to the user eligibility file; for portals using SSO, members cannot be added directly to the Engagement Rx system, they must first be added to the 3rd party's system.


You can add new members on the main Customer Service page (the member search page) by selecting the button in the top right:



After you select the "Add new member" button, choose the portal to add the member to. A pop-up box appears with fields for the following:


  1. Assign the member to a portal (If you only have one portal assigned to your account, or if the company only has one portal, it will be automatically chosen when you first choose to add a member).

  2. Assign the member a group within the portal; all groups assigned to your account within the portal will be listed as options.

  3. Enter the member's email (this must be unique to the member and is a required field).

  4. Enter the member's first and last name, both of which are required fields.

  5. Enter the member's phone number; this is an optional field.

  6. Enter an expiration date for the member account. When a member's account expires, the account is disabled. Expiration dates are displayed in the member's profile and can be edited.

  7. If this is toggled on, a registration email will be sent to the member after the account is created.

After filling in the fields, you can toggle the "Send portal registration email" to the on position. This action will send an invitation email to the member's email account for registration to the portal.

If an invitation email has been sent, there will be a visual affirmation on screen. The email provides instructions to the member and a link to register for an account. The registration link will expire in seven days. In the case that the member has not received the invitation email or has not activated it (due to accidental deletion or an expired link), the email can be resent by going to the member's details page and selecting "send invite" under the Registration Info section:



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