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Full-Length Course

There are seven cognitive behavioral training courses, each of which focuses on a specific behavior or health-related issue. The cognitive behavior training courses are as follows:

  • LivingLean – Fourteen-session course designed to eliminate unhealthy eating patterns and emotional attachments to unhealthy foods.

  • LivingFree – Twelve-session course designed to eliminate tobacco addiction

  • LivingSmart – Twelve-session course designed to eliminate alcohol dependency

  • LivingEasy – Eight-session course designed to change responses to stressful situations and raise resilience levels

  • LivingWell – Nine-session course designed to teach empowering management of diabetes and prediabetes

  • LivingWellRested – Eight-session course designed to overcome insomnia and other sleep-related issues

  • LivingFit – Twelve-session course (sessions are weekly) designed to make exercise a part of daily life

Microlearning Course

There are also shorter courses which can be cognitive behavioral training or information/educational. These courses are made up of individual lessons, each of which typically take between 5 and 7 minutes to complete. Microlearning courses can be completed in a total of 1 to 2 hours.

See this article to get more detailed information about the courses.


Session – All full-length courses have a set curriculum, which unfolds over a period of weeks. Some courses are longer than others, but they are all divided into sessions.

Segment – Sessions are divided into segments, which are videos, quizzes, and interactive assignments.

All of the Engagement Rx courses are divided into sessions, and all sessions are divided into segments. All courses have video segments, quiz segments, and survey segments. All sessions in all courses also have:

  • Reading materials: Summarize the main themes and concepts

  • Assignments: Actionable instructions for course participants to follow so that certain key session concepts will be applied directly to real, everyday life. 

Course Events

This is a brief explanation of course events, this article contains a more detailed explanation. 

Events are achievements or key moments that participants experience during an Engagement Rx course.

Course Started: Participants who have started a course

Core Sessions Completed: Participants who have completed the core sessions. Engagement Rx courses contain two types of sessions: core sessions and support sessions. Core sessions occur in the beginning of the courses and continue until after the breakthrough session (the session in which the participant begins to change their unwanted behavior). Core sessions, by course:

  • LivingFree (tobacco), LivingLean (food) and LivingSmart (alcohol) – Core sessions are the Introduction through Session 5

  • LivingEasy (stress), LivingWell (diabetes management), and LivingFit (exercise) – Session 1 through Session 6

  • LivingWellRested (sleep) – Session 1 through Session 5

Course Completed: Participants who have completed the course

Course Restarted: Some participants will restart a course for one of two reasons:

  1. They went too long without being active and cannot continue without restarting

  2. They have decided to repeat the course they have already completed, perhaps to increase their understanding of important concepts or to reinforce their training

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