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This article is about the Flow Responses Reports tool in the admin website. The Flow Responses tool enables you to run reports and view member responses to questions in flows.

Finding the Flow Reponses Tool

The Flow Responses tool is located in the Reports section of the admin and can be accessed by admins with the Reports role.

There are pre-existing system forms and, if the client has created them, custom forms that can be used to gather data from members. This data can be viewed and downloaded (.csv and/or .xlsx files) in the Flow Responses tool.

Generating a Report


  1. Choose the portal you want to run the report for, or you can choose "all portals" if you have access to multiple portals.

  2. Choose the group, or all groups (only the groups existing within the selected portal will show).

  3. Choose the timespan (the report will show the data gathered in between the start- and end-dates).

  4. Choose the flow (all enabled flows within the selected portal will be listed from the dropdown).

  5. Generate the report.

After generating the report, the response data appears in the “summary view”:


Note that question-types are signified by the icon to the left of each question. To view a more detailed report of a specific question, click on the arrow to the right of it. 

The detailed view provides individual responses from every member in the report. Here is an example of a detailed report for a multiple choice question:


Note that the representation of the report varies depending on the question type you are viewing. 

  • Multiple choice and multiple selection questions: Shown as horizontal bar graphs with the percentage of answers listed for each distractor.

  • Single and multi-line text: Listed in order of the most recently given, with the text the end-user answered.

  • Dates: Listed in order of the most recently given.

  • Number range/Dropdown: Shown as bar graphs, with the percentage of each distractor provided.

  • Gender: Pie chart with each option represented as a slice; percentage and count for each option is provided.

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