LivingFit Weekly Activity

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This article is about using the LivingFit Weekly Activity reports tool for admin users with the Reports role. LivingFit is a walking and general exercise course in which participants are encouraged to record their daily walking minutes. This tool reports on the minutes members have recorded on a portal basis.

To access the LivingFit Weekly Activity reports tool:

  1. Go to the Reports section of the admin website.
  2. Go to the LivingFit Weekly Activity module.


Generating a Report


  1. Choose a portal, or all portals, to run the report for (click the drop-down arrow to view available portals).
  2. Choose a group, or all group, to run the report for.
  3. Select a date-range by choosing a start date and an end date. The report will show the minutes recorded within this range of time.
  4. Click on "Generate Report."

Note: LivingFit is as long as 12 weeks (when a user completes any 9 weeks, they have completed the course). This report shows data for users who have begun the course during the date range you select. If you choose a short date range, walking minutes are likely to diminish and drop to zero in later weeks because users have not yet reached those weeks. (See more details about the LivingFit course.)

Understanding the Report

The Line Graph

The line graph shows the total number of logged walking-minutes that all users in the portal/group have reported for each week. Minutes are presented vertically on the graph and the week is horizontal. When you scroll over a specific week, a pop-up will tell you the exact number of average minutes that was walked. 


Note: Click the green "Download report" button on the right side of the screen above the reports to download.

The Table

Below the graph is a table that displays the logged weekly walking-minutes for each portal and group. Portals are listed first with totals for all groups, and groups are listed inset and beneath the portal row. The minutes are broken down into weeks, and each week has its own column in the table.



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