Automatic File Processing: Setting Up FTP Data Feeds

Modified on Mon, 12 Feb 2024 at 09:47 AM

This article is about setting up automatic file processing for portals using User Eligibility as the authentication type. 

An FTP data feed is a connection between your system and the Engagement Rx system that allows access eligibility files automatically. 

Setting up an FTP data feed can save time in the long run, particularly if your company is likely to update eligibility files often. After establishing the FTP connection, the Engagement Rx system will automatically search for new files on a daily basis and process them. Note that all files must be properly formatted and uniquely named (we recommend appending each filename with the date). If a filename is a duplicate, it will be skipped and processing will not be attempted. 

To set up automatic file processing:

  • Go to the Settings section of the website.

  • Choose the portal you want to manage.

  • Choose "User Eligibility Files" from the menu on the left.


Configuring the FTP Connection Settings

Click on the "SET-UP FTP CONNECTION" button and all the components need for configuration will display in one window: 


  1. Protocol: FTPS (set as default) or SFTP.

  2. Port: Will automatically assign to either port 21 or port 22 depending which protocol is being used.

  3. Encryption Mode: This is only relevant with the FTPS protocol and is automatically set to TLS/SSL 1 2 Explicit.

  4. Domain Name: Enter the FTP site domain name (for example:

  5. Path: Enter the path to file location.  

  6. Username: Enter the FTP site login name.

  7. Password: Enter the password for access. 

Testing Connection

After you have configured the FTP settings, you can test the connection (note that this does not test the eligibility file in any way). The purpose of running a test is to verify that the connection between your system and the Engagement Rx system works.

When you begin testing, the transaction log will update and reflect that the testing is in progress. 

If all elements of the connection are working, the test will be reported as successful, indicating that the Engagement Rx system can connect to your FTP site using the configuration settings you provided. If any element of configuration was inaccurate, the test will fail.


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