User Eligibility Settings

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This article is about the User Eligibility Files and Settings tool in the admin website. This tool is meant for use by admins with the Portal Manager role who are configuring a portal with the user eligibility authentication type.

After selecting User Eligibility as the authentication type for a portal, you can select "User Eligibility Files" from the left menu in the portal management module to manage the user eligibility settings for the portal:



File Transfer and Processing 

There are two ways for you to upload eligibility files for processing:

  1. You can do it manually using the drag-and-drop or browse-and-search functionality--this is easiest, as it involves no configuration of FTP settings. This method is explained in detail here: How to Manually Upload an Eligibility File
  2. You can set up a data feed configuration for automatic file processing. This method will pull user eligibility data automatically every 24 hours. This method is explained in detail here:  Automatic File Processing

User Eligibility File Transaction Log

At the top of the page is a record of the five most recent attempts to process user eligibility files or test the connection of an FTP setup. This record includes a history of failed and successful attempts listed with the most recent attempts at the top. 

The table displays five records at a time with the following information:

  1. The day and time the event occurred. 
  2. The type of transaction--connection test, connection attempt, ftp automatic processing, manual ftp upload, manual file upload.
  3. Who processed the event (if the event was automated, this column will be empty).
  4. Filename (all filenames have to be unique--one good way to ensure this is by adding the date to the end of the filename).
  5. The result or current state of the attempt--success, failed, processing, partial success.
  6. How many users were processed (if the event was a connection test or attempt, or if a processing attempt failed, this column will be empty).

Field Mapping for the User Eligibility File

Configure Fields (Columns) in the User Eligibility File

Field mapping is the process of aligning, or matching, your field names with the corresponding Engagement Rx field names. Read more about field mapping

In the field mapping input tool on the admin, the column titled "System name" represents the naming conventions for Engagement Rx and the column titled "Assertion attribute name" represents your company's naming conventions—these are the columns that you need to fill in. To add a field for mapping, click the "ADD FIELD MAPPING" button.


The field mapping creation box is now accessible, in which you can choose system fields to add mapping for:


Here is an example of various mappings matched between system (Engagement Rx) and Assertion Attribute (Client) field names:

Note: At least two fields must be mapped in order to enable the validation process, and not all fields are validation fields. 

Adding a Support Contact

You can add an email address that will receive notifications when an event regarding processing or testing happens. 

Alert emails include:

  • Method of the file upload attempt
  • Day and time of the attempt
  • Name of file
  • Success/failure status of the attempt
  • Number of records imported for a successful attempt
  • Reason for failure for failed attempt
  • Option to unsubscribe from future emails

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