The Coaching Dashboard

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This article is about the coaching dashboard inside the admin website used by admins assigned the Coach role.

When entering the admin system, Coach admins have access to the company dashboard and the coaching dashboard.

The Company Dashboard

The company dashboard displays basic information regarding members activity within the Engagement Rx system. Here is an example:


  1. The data in this tile represents the number of "New Course Starts" for each long-form, behavioral change course in the last 30 days. The bar graph presents the percentage of the overall new starts attributed to each individual course.

  2. The data in this tile represents the total session- and segment-completions that have been recorded in the last 30 days. Clicking on the arrows in this tile will allow you to see the numbers for each course.

  3. The data in this tile shows the total number of user logins that have been recorded in the last 30 days.

The Coaching Dashboard

The coaching dashboard is the main hub of the Coach admin. From here, coaches can find the information and tools they need to create new tasks, view tasks by coach, and manage existing tasks. The main dashboard page contains a table in which tasks are listed by row with various related information displayed in columns. 

Filtering Options

Above the table are two filtering options and a task creation button:


  1. Viewing tasks in a specific timespan, including today (this is set as default), tomorrow, the next 7 days, and all upcoming tasks. Note that overdue tasks appear at the top of the table, regardless of filter, by default.

  2. Viewing tasks by assignee, including “Assigned to me” (default, which will allow you to view tasks specifically assigned to you when you first enter the dashboard), “Unassigned,” and “All,” (which allows you to view tasks related to all coaches who have access to the same portals you do).

  3. Any admin assigned the Coach role can create a new task. To learn about tasks, see this article.

The Task-Table Columns


In column order starting at the left, the table shows the following:

  1. Type—task types include general activity, messaging (SMS/email), and booking; each task type is identifiable by its icon. Click on the Type column to see the icon key.

  2. Task Summary—a short description of what the task is for easy recall. Summaries include replying to messages, reminders of meetings, and personalized tasks. When clicked on, the full summary is displayed.

  3. Due date—tasks are listed by due date, going from the top, down. Icons appear for overdue tasks.

  4. Assigned to—the coach responsible for completing the task.

  5. Member—the member account associated with the task.

  6. Portal—the portal the associated member account belongs to.

Opening and Managing a Task

The table can be interacted with by clicking on a the row for the task you want to view. After selecting a task from the table, details and management tools are displayed in an expansion box to the right:


Actions Available in Task-Expansion View

  • General tasks can be marked as complete or canceled.

  • Booking tasks can be marked as complete, missed, or cancelled (note that to cancel booking tasks, you will be redirected to the booking page).

  • Messaging tasks can be tended to by either replying or by marking as "No action required" if no response is deemed necessary.


For admins with access to member account information, clicking on the member's name in the task expansion box opens the member details box to the right. From here, you can access notes, to-do's, goals, messaging, flows, automations, and course information related to the member.

See this article for more details on the coaching task system.



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