No Authentication Required

Modified on Mon, 12 Feb 2024 at 09:47 AM

This article explains the No Authentication Required authentication type. 

This authentication type is unique within the Engagement Rx system and it relates directly to the coach features. Members of this portal type do not require user authentication because they will not interact with any courses or course-related features. This portal type has no registration process or landing page.

Instead of taking courses, members in this portal will be given content pieces (articles, videos, audios, etc., which exist in the Content Library) by coaches. Members will access content through a link sent to them, thereby making authentication unnecessary.

If the portal is set to a white labeling configuration, certain elements of certain content will have branding. 

Note that adding a member to this portal will not allow for course filtering and the "send registration" email, as both are irrelevant to this authentication type. 

On the Company Level

To set No Authentication Required on the company level:

  • Go to the Settings section in the admin website

  • Go to the Company Settings module

  • Select Advanced Customizations

  • Select the toggle in the No Authentication tile

When the setting is switched to “on” at the company level, all existing portals are set to this authentication type and all other authentication types are unavailable. When this setting is switched off, all authentication types are available for portals throughout the company. Changes to this setting are included in the audit log.

On the Portal Level

Implementation admins and system admins can set the “No Authentication Type” to portals:

  • Go to the Settings section

  • Go to the Portal Management module

  • Select User Authentication from the side menu

  • Select No Authentication Required

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