How to Create a Site Abandonment Automation Campaign

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In this article, we’ll go through a step-by-step process of creating a multi-week automation campaign designed to entice the return and re-engagement of a participant who has not logged into their portal for two weeks. 


To create a course abandonment automation, enter the admin website:

  • Go to the Settings section
  • Enter the Portal Management module
  • Choose the portal you want to set up the automation for
  • Click on “Automations” from the CONTENT section of the menu on the left side


Here, you can view the table that lists all automations in the portal. To create a new automation, click the CREATE button above the table’s top-right corner.

Creating the Automation

The first thing we want to do is give this automation a title—we'll call our automation "Site Abandonment." We can also set the keywords that help to categorize the automation. Click in the "Start of Automation" tile at the top and the title and keyword fields will open to the right.



Setting the Start and Stop Triggers

Since this is a site abandonment automation, we want it to trigger when a certain amount of time goes by after someone's most recent login. 

Click in the Start Trigger field, scroll to Member, then scroll (to the left when the options appear) to Member Signed In and click it. After doing this, click into the "Stop Trigger" field below and do the same thing. This means that the automation will begin to count after a member signs in and stop when they sign in again.



Now we will determine how long to wait from the start trigger, which is the most recent login, to the action of the automation: Two weeks is a good amount of time, so we'll click the “Add Day” button:



Setting the Automations Components


Now we will choose what action the automation does. Since our goal here is to urge someone to return to their site/portal, we’ll send them an email communication to remind them to log back in.

Now we will set the component by dragging the “Send an Email” component from the left into the builder field:


To create the content of the message, click in the tile and put your message into the editor on the right:


So far, we’ve created an automation that:

  1. Is triggered when a member logs in to their portal
  2. Stops when someone logs in to their portal (and starts over again)
  3. Sends an email reminder if the member does not stop the automation by logging in within14 days of their most recent login.

Let's add a little more to this re-engagement campaign if the first email doesn't quite work...

So we'll click on "Add Day" again and set this next one for 21 days after start, which is a week after the first one (remember, if the member logs in during this time, the automation is no longer needed and will stop).

So we've added another email message, this time with a flow that aims to re-inspire the member (to add a flow, click on "Search Resources" and choose any resources you have available in the portal).

Now we have built an automation that:

  • Begins when a member logs in
  • Stops if the member logs in again
  • Sends an email after two weeks of not logging in
  • Sends another email with a flow after three weeks of not logging in


This article provided an example of an abandonment campaign, but remember: You can craft your messages and the components, and set your dates and times, as you see fit. 

Before going, click on Save Draft and Publish in the upper-right corner and the Automation will be in use for the portal. 

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