Using Keywords for the Portal Content Library

Modified on Mon, 12 Feb 2024 at 09:47 AM

This article is about using keywords in the content section of the admin to make content appear where you want it to in the portal library.

Why do I need to assign a keyword to content?

When a member is in their portal, they can go to the content library to find articles and videos that they want to read or view. All these pieces of content appear in the member’s library organized by category, and each category contains one or more topics which are filtered and placed by their keyword. So if you want a piece of content to appear for your members in the portal, it needs to have a topic-associated keyword that is recognized by Engagement Rx's system. Note: You can attach the main category keyword to the content as well, but all you need is the topic keyword.

How exactly do the keywords work?

There are 23 different topics—categorized in 6 different main categories—that content in the library is organized in. Each main category and each topic is assigned a keyword. When a piece of content is given a keyword, the content will appear in the member's library in the topic section that the keyword is linked to.

For example, one category in the member library is Healthy Eating & Hydration. Organized within the main category are four topics, each with a keyword:

  • Nutrition with the keyword nutrition

  • Healthy Recipes with the keyword recipes

  • Cooking & Meal Planning with the keyword cooking

  • Hydration with the keyword hydration

If you want to upload a recipe for your portal members to be able to find, you simply need to add the keyword recipe to the content. Once you do this, the content will appear in the Healthy Recipe topic in the main Healthy Eating & Hydration category.


Keyword List and Content Structure

Listed below are the main categories in the content library; beneath each main category are the topics in the category. Note that, in many but not all cases, the keywords are identical to the topic title. 

Healthy Eating & Hydration (keyword: healthy eating)

  • Nutrition (keyword: nutrition)

  • Healthy Recipes (keyword: recipes)

  • Cooking & Meal Planning (keyword: cooking)

  • Hydration (keyword: hydration)

Exercise & Fitness (keyword: exercise)

  • Workout Tips (keyword: workouts)

  • Exercise Safety (keyword: safety)

  • Workout Series (keyword: workout series)

Healthy Weight (keyword: healthy weight)

Lifestyle (keyword: lifestyle)

  • Financial Health (keyword: financial health)

  • Environment (keyword: environment)

  • Job Growth (keyword: job growth)

  • Shift-Workers (keyword: shift-work)

  • Welcoming Baby (keyword: welcoming baby)

  • Positive Parenting (keyword: parenting)

  • Social Support (keyword: social support)

Mental & Psychological Wellness (keyword: wellness)

  • Managing Stress (keyword: stress)

  • Self-Reflection (keyword: self-reflection)

  • Brain Health (keyword: brain health)

  • Behavior Change (keyword: behavior change)

General Health (keyword: general health)

  • Sleep (keyword: sleep)

  • Chronic Conditions (keyword: chronic conditions)

  • Regular Checkups (keyword: checkups)

  • Substance Use Management (keyword: substance use management)

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