Portal Site Customizations

Modified on Mon, 12 Feb 2024 at 09:47 AM

Certain elements of the portal can be white-labeled to customize the site for portal members. To configure these settings:

  • Go to the Settings section

  • Select the Portal Management module

  • Select the portal you want to customize

  • Select "Site" from the left-hand menu in the SETTINGS section



On this page, you can customize the following fields:

White label prefix: The name of your portal as it will appear in the website URL. For example, if your white label prefix is demo, your users would see the following URL in their web browsers address bar: engagementrx.com/demo.  We recommend always choosing a user-friendly name to represent your brand even when embedding Engagement Rx into your solution (see embedding exceptions below). 

Custom help destination: The default Engagement Rx support site is linked in the portal help icon, the portal footer, and in email communications. Clients can enter a URL in this field to direct their members to the support sites of their choosing.

Member access/exit page: The destination Engagement Rx directs the user to when they sign-out of the Engagement Rx website or when the login directions tag is used in emails (see Configuring Master Email Template).  

Host name: The name used for custom domains.

Exceptions when embedding Engagement Rx into your solution

The following exception applies when embedding Engagement Rx into your solution (see Embedding the Engagement Rx Portal into Your Solution)

  • White label prefix: When embedding Engagement Rx into your solution, the website URL does not display.  However, the URL may appear inside messages sent from Engagement Rx.  For emails, the URL typically does not display and friendly text appears instead. For example, a link to content in an email will display the content title and the actual URL is hidden. However, text messages use plain text so a link to content in a text message will show the actual URL.

  • User access/exit page: The "Sign-out" option does not appear on the Engagement Rx website when embed mode is set to "without menus"

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