1. When toggled on, text messaging for coaches is enabled.

  2. When toggled on, secure messaging is enabled, but not required, in this portal. The following two options are conditional and can be chosen only if this "Secure Messaging" option is enabled.

  3. When toggled on, ALL coaching messages sent in this portal are automatically sent as secured messages. This selection disables the use of text messaging.

  4. When toggled on, messages in this portal will be set to secure by default. Coaches can still choose to send messages as non-secured by manually doing so for each individual message.

What is secure messaging for?

Secured messaging is required by HIPAA law when any message is sent that includes any personally identifiable information (PII). When you use secure messaging, you ensure that sensitive information related to PII and personal identities are protected from exposure to unintended parties.  

What is HIPPA law and PII?

HIPAA is a federal law that prevents the exposure/disclosure of any data that could be used to identify a specific individual’s personally identifiable information (PII).

PII includes the following:

  • Name—even if it’s the first name with only the first letter of the last name

  • Demographic data

  • Location

  • Date related data—birth date, start-course date, age, etc.

  • Telephone numbers, fax numbers

  • Email address

  • Biometric data, including medical and lab results

  • Any other information that could be used to identify an individual

What effect does secured messaging have on members and participants?

When messaging is sent as secured, members and participants must view the content of the message in the Engagement Rx communications center. When a secured message is sent to a member/participant, they are made aware that they have a new message waiting for them in the communications center and they are given brief instruction on how to view it.

For standard authentication, a link to the message (in the communications center) is provided. When the member/participant clicks the link, they will be redirected to login and then to the message (if they’re already logged in, they’ll be redirected right to the message).

For SSO, members/participants will receive a message telling them that a new message is waiting for them in the Engagement Rx communications center.