When you come to the end of a session, you have the opportunity to set a date and time for your next session. Here are a few helpful rules to keep in mind when choosing your session time.

1. The date and time you are choosing is a reminder. It will not effect when your session actually opens. Your session will automatically open on the earliest day possible. In the example below, the reminder email notes the scheduled time chosen by the user, as well as the time the session will be opened by the system. 

2. A reminder can only be set once at the end of a session. If you wish to update your reminder time, you may do so through your personal Outlook calendar. 

3. It is recommended that you take your sessions the first day they are opened by the system. Delaying your sessions will move out the completion date shown on your course homepage, delaying your overall course completion. 

4. If you cannot start a session the day it opens don't worry. It will not close out, or become unavailable. The session will be available to start the next time you return. 

(Our goal for you is to achieve success, and the reason for the efficacy of our programs is that they help you change certain thought processes related to your health. It takes time for your brain to absorb and adjust to the new information you learn in each session. Behavior change therefore cannot occur by going through the various sessions of a course too quickly. This is why there is a set amount of days between sessions)