LivingWellRested – Solving Sleep Problems 

LivingWellRested™ is an eight (8) session course led by renowned sleep expert, Dr. Michael Grandner, and cognitive behavioral change expert and SelfHelpWorks founder, Lou Ryan. 

People who have insomnia have spent months, if not years, practicing certain thought patterns, beliefs, and unhealthy habitual behaviors that have perpetuated their sleep problems. LivingWellRested provides the information and tools needed for participants to understand sleep and insomnia. Participants will identify and gradually change the thinking patterns and behaviors that have fueled their sleeping problems in ways that will make sound sleeping a nightly occurrence. 

The course includes pre-recorded video training and coaching sessions, audios and visualization exercises to reduce anxiety and increase relaxation, a mobile companion app, and support emails. Participants will fill out a daily sleep improvement journal that allows intelligent software to coach each individual specifically on their challenges as it monitors their progress towards the goal of a sleep efficiency score of 85% or higher. The curriculum is spread over a minimum of 36 days.

Auto-Bookmarking Functionality: A session typically lasts a total of 30 – 60 minutes including quizzes. Each session is divided into short segments. If a user exits partway through a session and comes back later, the auto-bookmarking functionality returns them to the end of the last segment they completed. This allows each participant to complete the course at their own pace as their schedule permits.