LivingWell – Diabetes Management 

LivingWell™ is a video-based online course that educates and empowers people with diabetes to live a happy, healthy, productive life in spite of their illness. 

This is a nine (9) week interactive curriculum-driven series designed to educate participants about diabetes and inspire them to make organization, self-monitoring, medical adherence, exercise and healthy-eating a normal part of their life. In addition to educational and inspirational videos and materials, the course includes using a journal, tracking progress, useful checklists and reminder emails. The weekly video sessions are accompanied by over 80 brief educational articles and tips called "The Daily D’s" that help participants learn about the practical elements of diabetes and its management. The curriculum is spread over a minimum of 57 days. 

LivingWell is led by Janice Baker, a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and Medical Nutrition Therapist with over 20 years' experience in the field. 

Auto-Bookmarking Functionality: A session typically lasts a total of 30 – 60 minutes including quizzes. Each session is divided into short segments. If a user exits partway through a session and comes back later, the auto-bookmarking functionality returns them to the end of the last segment they completed. This allows each participant to complete the course at their own pace as their schedule permits.