LivingSmart – Managing Alcohol Use 

LivingSmart™ is a twelve (12) session course to help participants stop or reduce the drinking of alcohol. The first 5 lessons are core learning sessions, the rest are support sessions. Participants will learn how to become ex-drinkers without feeling deprived. 

The course teaches participants to take control, eliminate the psychological roadblocks, and change their emotional relationship with alcohol. Led by cognitive behavioral training expert and SelfHelpWorks founder, Lou Ryan, the course includes at least one video session per week, actualization activities, and tools including mobile companion app, support audios, and support emails. The curriculum is spread over a minimum of 24 days.

Auto-Bookmarking Functionality: A session typically lasts a total of 30 – 60 minutes including quizzes. Each session is divided into short segments. If a user exits partway through a session and comes back later, the auto-bookmarking functionality returns them to the end of the last segment they completed. This allows each participant to complete the course at their own pace as their schedule permits.