LivingEasy – Creating Calm & Resiliency 

The eight (8) session LivingEasy™ course addresses the stress-promoting beliefs and thoughts that cause much of the drama, trauma and distress that people may experience in their lives and relationships.

In LivingEasy, participants identify the biggest stress-producing events, relationships, and elements in their lives. As the course progresses, the perception of these stressors will change so that they cause less and less impact. By the end of the course, participants will have gained a permanent sense of empowerment and resiliency.

This course is led by Diane Hambrick MD and includes one video session per week, actualization activities, and tools including mobile companion app and support emails. The curriculum is spread over a minimum of 15 days.

Auto-Bookmarking Functionality: A session typically lasts a total of 30 – 60 minutes including quizzes. Each session is divided into short segments. If a user exits partway through a session and comes back later, the auto-bookmarking functionality returns them to the end of the last segment they completed. This allows each participant to complete the course at their own pace as their schedule permits.